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Documenting The Continued Threat To Erode Our Civil and Religious Liberty To Set up The Mark Of The Beast

Would You Like To Know What The Future Holds?

One of the most significant books of our time reveals the past, the present and the future

As each day passes, you see and hear snippets, tweets and details of news, but you sense deep down within you that there is more behind the headlines and sound bites.
The world as we know it is fast changing.  The current order is altering rapidly. Wide ranging security legislation is reducing your personal freedoms.  Will there be a place for you in this changed world and how and when will it all end?
This book has helped thousands to make sense of the world in which we live and to find their place in it.

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The Book

The nation trembles. Passenger jets explode into buildings. Mountains of fire, steel, smoke; and terrified, struggling people, fall to the street together as sky-scrapers crumble in the dust. Thousands perish.  America is at war!! A new kind of war fills our minds with pictures of strange faces, balls of fire, women screaming. Dust-filled people – like mummies – running from the cloud; jam the bridges.

“We’re at war,” the President said. The world will never be the same. Will terrorism, like some giant

octopus engulf the world? Or will World War Three end it all!  We’re going to go now on an incredible journey behind the scenes and take a shocking glimpse. Something’s happening in our country. Something strange. Have you noticed the trends?

“Thirty-eight people looking out their windows in a quiet; respectable neighborhood of New York City, watched a murder that took a full half hour to commit, and did nothing about it!  “Thirty-eight people watched Catherine Genovese being stabbed again and again in front of her home, and didn’t care. They just leaned out their windows as if watching the late show, waited till it was over, and went back to bed!

Since America was attacked, are things different now? Get ready for a shock. You’re going to go behind the scenes, and see awesome things that are happening – leading to a great crisis in our land.

A crisis that will lead to the restriction of your civil liberties and eventually a National Sunday Law. What you are about to learn will shock you.

Sunday Law


What Readers Are Saying – Exerpt From the Book

Your book “National Sunday Law” is so interesting that I couldn’t put it down.  It taught me things that I’ve needed to understand in the Bible. Please send me as many of these books as this donation will cover.  I want to give this book to many others. The book is so fantastic! And I want to praise God that He has inspired you to write it for people!

I don’t know why or how I was sent this book but I am ever so grateful that it was sent to me!  I have read the Bible but have never really understood it. My eyes are now opened. I understand now, and am no longer ignorant about God’s Sabbath.  Thank you!!

 I had a National Sunday Law book sitting around my house but never read it.  Well, last week I started reading it, and couldn’t put it down! It helped me so much and answered so many questions about Revelation.  I fell away from the Lord for many years. After reading your book, my life changed forever. I feel comforted by God and His promises.

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